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Having started taking photographs in the year 2000, I stayed true to that something within me, responding like an indicator on some meter, following and shooting whatever drew me, attracted me; and here are those results.

Although there is much I do not understand- the thoughts people think, or what exactly I am after- I do believe that a group of photographs can reveal the perception of the person who shot them. And, the more opportunities I had for others to observe my perception as they were expressed through my photographs, the more I realized that my perception differed from the way the majority of people generally feel they want to see, or want to be seen.

The perception I have acquired through my life so far is that of a minority, and in the past, I had experimented with adapting myself to the majority, thinking it might make life easier. But I found this not enjoyable, so ultimately l've come round, to cherish my own way of perceiving the world.

Aside from photography too, my budding hope is to become someone who is able to take in and accept differences simply the way they are.







蔵 真墨

2009 冬

Masumi Kura

Winter 2009

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